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Beautifully Bespoke Kitchens

Every one of our truly bespoke kitchens is unique in design and specification for each individual client.

Whether your styling preference is more traditionally focused or you prefer something with a modern feel, we can help you visualise the perfect kitchen that is a unique and individual representation of those preferences.

Expert Design Knowledge

During your consultation, we take our inspiration from your styling preferences and individual needs and use our expert knowledge and experience to select and utilise only the best materials and innovations to create your new kitchen.

Bespoke Innovations

From handcrafted larder units, personally tailored storage pull-outs for baking ingredients or even a cocktail bar, we can create any item of cabinetry that you desire, to truly personalise the specification to your needs.

Made to Measure

With a workshop capable of creating and crafting any piece of furniture and cabinetry to any exacting dimension and specification, each of our kitchens is made to measure and perfectly handcrafted for each space it is designed for.

Any Colour Imaginable

For any painted surface the only limitation is imagination as we can create or colour match literally any colour in the World.

Expert Craftsmanship

From the stunning and lifelike 3D designs that help us create your kitchen vision to our master craftsmen that bring that vision to life, with NG Kitchens you always know that the kitchen you dreamt of is the one that becomes a reality.

A Kitchen Without Compromise

Our ethos is to design, build and install the perfect kitchen for each of our clients and we do so without compromise so that our customers will enjoy their kitchen for many many years.

Looking For Some Inspiration?

Feel free to browse our beautifully designed portfolio of kitchens for some initial inspiration but please remember that each kitchen you see has been expertly tailored to the individual lifestyle, specification and personal tastes of each client. Just as your kitchen will be.

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