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Beautifully Bespoke BATHROOMS

The bathroom should be a place of relaxation and revitalisation. Whether your next bathroom is an en-suite, family bath, shower room for a home gym or a grand master bathroom, every one of our truly bespoke solutions is unique and expertly tailored for each client.

 Your styling preferences are as unique as you and whether you favour modern and contemporary or perhaps you desire something more traditional, we can help you visualise your dream bathroom and make it a reality.

Expert Design Knowledge

During your Design Consultation we take inspiration from your individual needs and use our expert knowledge and experience to select and utilise only the best and most appropriate materials and solutions to bring your new bathroom to life.

Bespoke Innovations

From vintage metallic baths and bathroom pieces that fuse function with artistic design to sauna’s and wet-rooms, no vision or concept is too grand for NG Bathrooms to realise for our clients.

Made to Measure

With a workshop able to create and craft any piece of furniture and cabinetry to any exacting dimension and specification, coupled with expert knowledge of the finest bathroom brands, every one of our projects is truly made to measure.

Any Colour Imaginable

In addition to an almost endless selection of surfaces and materials, with our bespoke painted furniture, the only limitation is imagination as we can create or colour match literally any colour in the World.

Expert Craftsmanship

From the stunning 3D concept designs during the consultation stage to our master craftsmen that bring those concepts to life, with NG Bathrooms you always know that the bathroom you dreamt of, is the one that becomes a reality.

A Bathroom Without Compromise

Our passion is to design, build and install the perfect bathroom and interior space for each of our clients and we do so without compromise so that our customers will enjoy their new bathroom for many years to come.

Looking For Some Inspiration?

Feel free to browse our beautifully designed portfolio of bathrooms and home interiors for some initial inspiration.

 Please remember that each project in our portfolio was expertly tailored to the individual style, exacting specification and personal tastes of each client. Just as yours will be.

 The end result is always an exceptional and inspirational bathroom that is Beautifully Bespoke

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