Beautifully Bespoke Bathrooms, Kitchens & Bedrooms

Beautifully Bespoke by Nick Glendinning offers exceptional levels of quality, uncompromising craftsmanship and a fully personalised service where every kitchen, bedroom and bathroom is truly unique, individually designed, expertly manufactured and installed perfectly for each client.

Why have someone else’s vision for your dream kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, when you can have your own realised without compromise.

NG Bathrooms fully inclusive service operates across Cheshire and includes all design, carpentry and manufacturing, installation and all trade services from building works, plumbing, heating, gas and electrical. 

We are meticulous in all aspects to deliver the finest, luxury home interiors that are Beautifully Bespoke.


Whatever the perfect kitchen is for your home, we can create the ideal solution without compromise.

Our design-led approach ensures that your needs are fully understood and integrated into your unique 3D designs. Our expert craftsmanship and installations teams then ensure those designs are integrated effortlessly into your home.

Every one of our truly bespoke kitchens is unique in both design and specification, tailored expertly for each client.


Every one of our beautifully bespoke bathrooms is truly unique in design, tailored perfectly for each client.

NG Bathrooms consultative design process ensures that your needs are fully understood and expertly visualised into your personalised 3D designs. Our master craftspeople and full service installation teams then ensure your new bathroom is seamlessly integrated into your home.

Whatever the perfect bathroom is to you, we can create your ideal solution without compromise.


Each and every one of our beautifully bespoke bedrooms are distinctive in design and expertly crafted for each individual client.

Our comprehensive service ensures that your needs are fully understood and using the finest materials our master craftspeople manufacture your truly unique bedroom cabinetry to create the perfect bedroom.

Without compromise, we can design create and install your ideal bedroom, individually styled and truly bespoke.